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Sally and Toothless aka Sir Phillip

Recent afternoon in Washington Park.

Celebrating our 23rd anniversary.

When we first got Bug.

Bug and Daisy.


Welcome to my website and thanks so much for visiting! I'm not sure who will ever stop by - but I've had a lot of fun building and maintaining this site, so stay awhile and learn all about me, my family and my books.

To begin with, I was born in Canada, but I live in the States with my American husband, Jay, and our three dual-citizen, very active kids, Steven (23), Casey (21) and Rachel (18). Jay and ALL three kids are allergic to dogs and cats so, over the years, we've shared our house with a box turtle (Sherman), a banana king snake(Slick), a hamster (Mikey), two fish (Fart and Dazzle) and two ducks (Daisy and Bug). We currently have two salamanders (Sally and Toothless aka Sir Phillip). All have been much less exhausting than our children! We were also the adopted family of two wild mallards, Sam and Sarah, who came to visit every spring and about whom I've written a series of poems (just waiting for a publisher to publish them). Anyway, we seem to have a thing about ducks, as you can probably tell!

You can find out more about me than you could POSSIBLY care to know on the BIO page.

For a list of my books (published and upcoming) go to the BOOKS page.

TEACHERS, find out about my school presentations on the AUTHOR TALKS page. There's also information about my grownup presentations for teachers and writers.

For review/​award information and TEACHER ACTIVITIES for a book, click on the book title from the BOOKS page.

For you teachers and writers, go to the ON WRITING page for scads of details on my writing process. If you're interested in writing for children yourselves, I've got links to some great sites here, too.

Finally, I've recently become a blogger - though it's not about writing. It's about saving money, my other big obsession! Go to HOW I SAVED MONEY TODAY to check it out.

Agents - I'm currently unagented and interested in finding that perfect person to represent me.

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Wherever you live, if it's near or it's far, I will love you wherever, wherever you are.
Parkerís text is a pitch-perfect and appealing narrative..." KIRKUS, Starred review November 2012.
Some dads just never grew up. You can tell which ones they are. Spring 2012.
"...provides a delightfully offbeat introduction to collective nouns..."Starred Review, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
"...this one is a standout." SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL
"The literary equivalent of a cozy hug." KIRKUS REVIEWS
"This poignant picture book will touch a chord with anyone who has ever lost a pet."BOOKLIST
School Bus, Fire Truck and Freight Train-lovin' easy readers.
A yummy, messy easy reader.Over 300,000 copies sold!